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Chautauqua 2015

Priceless and still, mostly, speechless. IMG_1796 IMG_1780

Parcel from the bestest, Courtney Thompson:  The Hope CampaignIMG_1766 IMG_1758

My name is the far right gradation – by member of InterArts Collab, Kyle Terry.IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1738

One of Brant Weiland’s ideas coming to fruition.IMG_1728

That’s Michael DiBarry – another InterArts Collab friend!IMG_1701 IMG_1675 IMG_1668 IMG_1491 IMG_1478 IMG_1964 IMG_1971 IMG_1946 IMG_1931 IMG_1901IMG_1883

InterArts crew:  Kyle Terry, Darren Lin, Kelly Lenahan (soundcloud.com/kelly-lenahan), Michael DiBarry, meIMG_2093 IMG_2060 IMG_2057 IMG_2037 IMG_2023 IMG_2013

Postcard from Nay Nay, Renee Roberson!  IMG_1986 IMG_1940 IMG_2160 IMG_2146 IMG_2141 IMG_2135 IMG_2136 IMG_2134 IMG_2102

My Chautauqua Fam, Alison!!IMG_2100

and, the food they gave me!

IMG_2164 IMG_2158 IMG_2157 IMG_2159 IMG_2274  IMG_2228 IMG_2222 IMG_2215

Package from my aunt!IMG_2296

One of many getaways.IMG_2295

Ayad!  Sorry, it’s crooked, I was creeping.  Ayad Almissouri’s Work – link hereIMG_2276

Some of Bran’ts workIMG_2334

more food from the ChauFamIMG_23442015 Neighbors studio in progress 2015 07 Neighbors close up at show IMG_1894

Brant and his piece at Fowler-Kellogg Center IMG_1899

And, me with mine!IMG_2039IMG_1500

Strohl Art Center, curated by Don Kimes


Awesome goblet by Maria Spiess – Check her out here!IMG_2374

Love my porcelain cup by Courtney Childers – See her work here!IMG_2361

Painter, Alex Nazar:  Alex Nazar’s Work – link here


Painter, Sarah Treharne:  Work – link hereIMG_2303

Painter, Cody James – Cg0404@gmail.comIMG_2332IMG_2170IMG_2171IMG_2197IMG_2183IMG_2180