it’s easier to catch butterflies than flies

i am becoming a better cyclist. Hahaha ok, using the term “cyclist” is quite the exaggeration. perhaps, i should say, ‘the chronicles of learning to ride a bicycle at the age of 34’ LoL anyway, today, i put my hair up into pigtail knots, tied a red scarf rose on the side of my head, grabbed my book bag and raincoat and took off riding straight into a big black cloud. we have had one full day of no rain. i knew i was pushing my luck.

i bought some snacks, ate an ice cream bar, stared at the sky and rode back out of the cloud – didn’t even get rained on.  i could look behind me to see if cars were coming while still riding straight and i could slow all the way down to wait without having to actually stop (bc you know my feet don’t touch).  pretty sure i even took one hand off a handle bar to swat a gnat 😀 quite the accomplishment from the shaking white knuckles of two weeks prior.  ok, so they still shake a little, but not as much.  and, i think my legs have finally stopped shaking – for the most part, at least.

Oh! i also learned adequate air in the tires takes all the pain out of my quads and shaves about 3 minutes off round trip.

residency updates at their finest. lol also, ate authentic ‘dalia’ for lunch. 😀




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