un diálogo entre la respiración y la brisa

“There is a specific air felt with each breath here in Cádiz – where old mixes with new and everything in between can be seen and felt by investigating the layers. Examples can be found along the shoreline at La Caleta – a blockade of brick, sand, rock, cement, shell and moss spans the wall, while sea glass from fiestas past and balloon fragments leftover from carnival pave the way. The architecture tells a tale of history older than my entire nation – stone walls that existed before my ancestors stepped foot on the ground of my country, in which I just stand in awe. But in the midst of these ancient buildings telling their stories, are dozens of children playing in circles and plazas, demanding attention for youth and proving survival of family, love and community through the ages. The ocean breeze that sweeps on rooftops and through the streets is a steady reminder of past, present and implied future, touching and influencing us all. My work here was inspired by this dialogue between the historical architectural thread that runs throughout the city and the playful nature of excited youth that promises a future just as prosperous.”


Many separate pieces came from this residency.  The exhibition space is intimate and I thought it the perfect location for combining works to build a scene illustrating the concept(s).

Documentation of this piece was challenging.  Due to certain fiesta circumstances and consequences, I no longer have possession of my camera.  At this time, the only documentation I have of the actual live installation is from an LG K8 cell phone.  Yikes!  If I can track down other images from the exhibition, I will update the post.  Until then, pull out your magnifying glass!  It seems, this show was a spectacle, never again to be seen.  Below, are some screenshots, phone camera shots, and thanks to my friend, Annie, some after exhibition documentation.

Check out her work here:  Annie Briard

2016 05 full from cell

2016 05 landscape cell2016 05 pedestal cell2016 05 hands cell2016 05 full vertical cell2016 vert cell 12016 05 jar vert cell2016 05 wall detail vert cell2016 05 cell 32016 05 hides cell2016 05 cell 42016 05 devil cell2016 05 cell 52016 05 cell 62016 05 Breath Breeze w light interaction

Still from Breath of Cadiz 1Still from Breath of Cadiz 2Still from Breath of Cadiz 3Still from Breath of Cadiz 4

2016 05 photo by Irina2016 05 Breath Breeze projectionBreath of Cadiz cell projection

2016 05 26 view from him

2016 05 26 arch and unicorn2016 05 26 uniCadiz 38Cadiz 33the following are stills and a video playing behind and above the being2016 05 collab open2016 05 collab med2016 05 Collab closed

2016 05 Ro pic 5Cadiz 582016 05 Ro pic 8Cadiz 242016 05 jarsCadiz 60Cadiz 55 okCadiz 57

Cadiz 56Cadiz 53Cadiz 51Cadiz 52Cadiz 50Cadiz 492016 05 Ro pic 3Cadiz 482016 05 Ro pic 4Cadiz 1Cadiz 15Cadiz 5 Cadiz 6 Cadiz 8Cadiz 2Cadiz 63 Cadiz 652016 05 Ro pic 1 2016 05 Ro pic 2 2016 05 Ro pic 6 2016 05 Ro pic 7


206 05 Breath Breeze w me light