2013 0313 Hug Me HoME projected2013 0313 Hug Me Home Projected SCALE2013 0313 Hug Me Projection Studio SHOT2013 0313 Hug me projection head“The Absurd is the “constant confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world. (Camus, philosophy index)”  Look at the bear in image 3, begging desperately for a hug.  Yet it is a projection making it impossible to ever be hugged.  The juxtaposition of the projected bear over a canvas hung diagonally across the corner of the room creates shadows and architectural elements hinting at the structure of a house.  A house that the projected bear towers over, suggesting significance of this bear’s need while the hole painted on the canvas transforms the sign to read “HoMe” rather than “HugMe” mimicking The Absurd and the universe’s refusal to give us what we desire is the viewer’s inability to give the projected bear a hug.”

from it’s all absurd, really.

2013 0313 hug me selfie2013 0313

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