it’s easier to catch butterflies than flies

i am becoming a better cyclist. Hahaha ok, using the term “cyclist” is quite the exaggeration. perhaps, i should say, ‘the chronicles of learning to ride a bicycle at the age of 34’ LoL anyway, today, i put my hair up into pigtail knots, tied a red scarf rose on the side of my head, grabbed my book bag and raincoat and took off riding straight into a big black cloud. we have had one full day of no rain. i knew i was pushing my luck.

i bought some snacks, ate an ice cream bar, stared at the sky and rode back out of the cloud – didn’t even get rained on.  i could look behind me to see if cars were coming while still riding straight and i could slow all the way down to wait without having to actually stop (bc you know my feet don’t touch).  pretty sure i even took one hand off a handle bar to swat a gnat 😀 quite the accomplishment from the shaking white knuckles of two weeks prior.  ok, so they still shake a little, but not as much.  and, i think my legs have finally stopped shaking – for the most part, at least.

Oh! i also learned adequate air in the tires takes all the pain out of my quads and shaves about 3 minutes off round trip.

residency updates at their finest. lol also, ate authentic ‘dalia’ for lunch. 😀




2016 07 12 hair2016 07 12 dalia

Last Finland post (of this year)

another trip to Helsinki

2015 3 otw to the city our view:2015 2 our view2015 3 welcoming committee2015 2 the market my love

2015 2 ferris wheel far

i heart fazer.2015 3 fazer lights 2015 Fazer cup o 2015 fazer cup o finished

the land of architecture that doesn’t quit


2015 architecture wrapped  2015 architecture gold full2015 architecture gold 2015 architecture doesnt quit 2015 sea b and w 2015 2 architecture2015 sea cant stop 2015 2 architecture 2 2015 2 architecture sea 2015 2 boat stop taking pics of 2015 2 ferris wheel far2015 sea spot didnt quit 2015 2 bridge of love 2015 2 bridge of love long 2015 2 boat stop taking pics of2015 2 my beloved reindeer 2015 2 hashtag bestie2015 Finnish Chan 2015 Finnish Chan and Rijn 2015 Fuku app 2015 2 sign

back at the house

2015 4 meal with residents 2015 4 the kitties 2015 4 gold caps2015 4 jurtti 2015 earmuffs 1 2015 Rijn with golden tree2015 6 cat 2015 6 food 2015 6 foot works 2015 6 hello kitty2015 6 lake walk 1 2015 6 lake walk 2 2015 6 lake walk 3 2015 6 lake walk 4 2015 6 lake walk 62015 6 sauna foyer 2015 6 peanut art 2015 6 peanut art 2 2015 6 my room 2015 6 my lil man2015 6 wall 2015 6 wall close2015 6 water worksCleaning Women performance:

2015 7 cleaning women2015 7 cleaning women 1 2015 7 cleaning women 1b 2015 7 cleaning women 2 2015 7 cleaning women 3

All Saints Day


2015 6 all saints

last piece i’m leaving for march show – alternative calendar series2015 5 work 2015 5 work detailtrip to jyväskylä

2015 5 jyv 1 2015 5 jyv 22015 5 jyv 3 2015 5 jyv 4 2015 5 jyv 5 2015 5 jyv bar lemons2015 5 jyv diner 2015 5 jyv diner 1 2015 5 jyv diner 32015 5 jyv bowling 2015 5 jyv bowling 1 2015 5 jyv bowling 1b 2015 5 jyv bowling 22015 5 jyv social house facade 2015 5 jyv social house 2015 5 jyv social house silhgreat trip now back to joutsa and my main hangout, kellari

2015 5 kellari loveJP helping me take my sculptures to posti – the mail is riding shot gun!

2015 5 JP to posti 2015 5 bye kittie

last Karelian pastry

2015 5 my last karelian pastry

last selfie in Finland

2015 5 last selfie in finland 2015 5 third to last 2015 5 second to last pic 2015 5 second to last 2

after 3 months of walking, i’m glad to see my lil ranger.

2015 5 last pic

one more time 🙂

2015 Finnish Chan

Haihatus Opening

Haihatus installation home portrait Haihatus installation view portrait home Joao

Paper Exchange Square 1 Paper Exchange signage square Paper Exchange in action square Joao Paper Exchange in action Joao 3 Paper Exchange in action Joao Paper Exchange Wall in action Bart Paper Exchange wall in action square 1

Paper Exchange result square 2 Paper Exchange result sqaure 1 Paper Exchange result 3 square2015 paper exchange changing close

Reflexive Portrait 1Reflexive Portrait CC

Reflexive Portrait BartReflexive Portrait Bart and I squareReflexive Portrait 3 smile squareReflexive Portrait 4 smile squareReflexive Portrait group 4 squareReflexive Portrait group square

Hybrids square 2Hybrids signage squareHybrids pic right squareHybrids pic left corner squareHybrids pic left squareHybrids group close2015 animal close up 2015 animal closeup of the broken leader

Below is work from other artists in the exhibition.


2015 opening Merja 2015 opening Merja 3 2015 opening Merja 2

haihatus opening haihatus opening 2 haihatus opening 3 haihatus opening 4Below is work of CC, another resident artist at Haihatus

Click here to see more of CC’s work! haihatus opening CC 2 haihatus opening CC 4 haihatus opening CC 5 haihatus opening CC square 3 haihatus opening group haihatus opening hannah

Below is the work of Joao Diniz

Click here to see more of Joao’s work!haihatus opening Joao 1 square haihatus opening Joao 3 haihatus opening Joao piece haihatus opening me square 2  haihatus opening me with hannah haihatus opening me with yael haihatus opening merja raimos haihatus opening nikkita

Below is the work of Ruth Taylor and Auke de Vries

Click here to see more of their story!

haihatus opening Ruth and Auke 1 haihatus opening Ruth and Auke 2 haihatus opening Ruth and Auke 3 haihatus opening ruth and auke square haihatus opening Ruth and Auke haihatus opening Ruthe and Auke 2

Below is a painting by Yael Caffrey.

Click here to see more of Yael’s work!

haihatus opening yael haihatus prep joao

2015 in magazine

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