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Chi Town

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The Hope Campaign

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Fun in ChiTown

A lot of pics from fun times in Chicago with my partner in crime as we interact with famous works.

Check her stuff out here:

http://thehopecampaign.tumblr.com  and here:



Thorarinsdottir, installation in Grant ParkIMG_1758 IMG_1739 IMG_1738 IMG_1734 IMG_1727

Eva Hesse, Hang UpIMG_1676 IMG_1672

Bruce Nauman, Human Nature/Life DeathIMG_1670

Ed Paschke, Mid AmericanIMG_1661

Andy Warhol, MaoIMG_1656

Jeff Koons, Woman in TubIMG_1647

Felix Gonzales-Torres, “Untitled” (Portrait of Ross in L.A.)IMG_1641

Anna Boghiguian, Unfinished SymphonyIMG_1636 IMG_1635

Martin Puryear, SanctuaryIMG_1632 IMG_1613 IMG_1607

Jun Kaneko at Millennium Park

IMG_1604 IMG_1593 IMG_1592

Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate

This is not just a reflective bean set in the city to appease our #selfie culture.  I noticed the skyline reflection and turned to look behind me assured I would have noticed such a site.  The shape, curve and reflective exterior of this sculpture provides the most beautiful panoramic skyline image available from the ground.  Pure genius, Mr. Kapoor.



IMG_1585 IMG_1583 IMG_1577

Theaster Gates at the MCAIMG_1536 IMG_1535 IMG_1518

Buzz Spector!  Malevich: With Eight Red Rectangles

I gave Buzz and exclamation point because he recently visited my studio and gave me an amazing critique and conversation.  He is truly one of the most insightful and intuitive artists in which I’ve had the pleasure of speaking.



Jose Lerma at MCA

Jose Lerma’s work impressed me with the decision of the artist to have the work itself produce its noise.  There are no hidden computers and speakers playing pre-recorded compositions.  His canvases sit directly on the keys of an actual keyboard that is connected to visible amplifiers.  I love it!


IMG_1506 IMG_1505 IMG_1498

Amelia PicaIMG_1488 IMG_1476 Logan Square Mural Project IMG_1453 IMG_1442